Club Management

  • Club Officers
  • Coaches
  • Players
  • Parents

ClubTeam allows you to manage your entire club & operation via our amazing APP. Manage everything from facilities to U14 training sessions, to your next fundraising event. ClubTeam puts your club's growth first - allowing you to grow memberships, increase fundraising activities & reduce unnecessary work hours. Say goodbye to Whatsapp & hello to ClubTeam.


  • Manage your entire club's registered players
  • Grow & track memberships each season
  • Easy registration for parents
  • Automated system for less paperwork

Clubteam provides a seamless player onboarding facility for new members each season, both coaches & parents can register players with a few simple clicks on the ClubTeam APP. Player information is logged, membership payments are taken, paperwork hours are completely eradicated with & full club growth reports are provided all through the ClubTeam portal. Grow & track memberships each season with a few simple clicks in the ClubTeam APP.

Training & Matches

  • Complete club training management
  • Match Organising
  • Payment system for all activities
  • Schedule alerts via push notifications to parents

Clubteam allows you to schedule all team activity across the entire club, set up your training schedule, updates on match fixtures, send scheduled alerts to parents on upcoming activities & take payments for each training session & matches – all straight from the easy to navigate APP, making organising training & matches simple & stress free for coaches (say goodbye to Whatsapp) along with allowing parents to pay relevant fees for each activity, all via the simple to use ClubTeam app.


  • Grow revenue streams for your club
  • Increase sales for club draws, lotto & Split the Pot through online campaigns
  • Maximise ticket sales for club events
  • Rent club facilities – clubhouse hire, Astro turf booking etc.

Along with club growth through increased membership, ClubTeam is fully focused on building your revenue streams from fundraising activities. Setting up, managing & delivering highly rewarding fundraising campaigns is at the forefront of this tailer made APP, ClubTeam clients benefit from up to 30% increase in revenue by using our portal.

Finances & Reports

  • Control clubs revenue growth activities
  • Data led comprehensive reports
  • Forecast revenue flow & analyse seasonal/yearly results

ClubTeam allows you to track your clubs growth from various revenue streams, whether its membership uptake, player & parents payments,club lotto or fundraising events. ClubTeams easy to follow reporting system allows you to track results on a weekly, monthly, yearly or seasonal time basis.

Live Match Manager

  • Live match updates & data
  • Squad updates
  • Full overview of seasonal player data

Introducing our amazing NEW feature “Match Manager” – full live access for clubs & parents alike tracking live scores, player stats & more. This feature puts key updates from your teams at the touch of a button for parents via the slick ClubTeam App.