Relegating WhatsApp?

Using WhatsApp for club communications presents a whole host of issues, from data protection to the annoyance of having 24/7 spam on a personal number.

Our built-in attendance facility allows Coaches, Players & Parents to effectively communicate and cut out of the irrelevant noise.

Why Choose ClubTeam?


Allowing coaches to create and automate training invites, get up to the minute data and real time player analytics. Allowing parents or players to accept or decline attendance, advance pay for multiple sessions and solving the need for multiple group chats.


We are experts in communication and advocates of compliant chats. Permission based chats mean your coaches can only chat with the team he/she manages or parents of underage players. Social media type messaging apps are risky, remove the risk by utilising ClubTeam.


The ClubTeam app is sure to become the heart of your club's communication and management strategy. The App will serve as a link between your club, your players, your coaches and the wider community of parents - a place to feel connected and be informed.

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